"Bits and Pieces"

Stamford Contemporary Art Gallery

"Stamford Contemporary Art" is a fabulous gallery with work from a number of artists including myself.  The gallery is well worth a look as is the town of course.

I will be taking part in a month long exhibition in the gallery, starting 20th March.

Clay Craft Magazine

Pleased that one of my pots was featured in an early edition of the Clay Craft magazine.  The pot was subsequently sold at the Connect Independent Art Fair, London


Stamford Pottery Market

The next Stamford Pottery Market will take place on 1st and 2nd May in the Arts Centre Stamford.  Around twenty potters will be taken part covering a wide variety of styles.

Lincolnshire Artists' Society

Delighted to have been selected as a member of the Lincolnshire Artists' Society.  The society was formed in 1906 and is the primary organisation for artists in the area.  The selection process was carried out at the Usher Gallery in Lincoln which gave me the opportunity to see two of Grayson Perry's pots the Gallery has in its collection.

Ceramics in Charnwood

I am exhibiting at the ceramics in Charnwood event for the first time.  It's an outdoor exhibition in the centre of Loughborough on 8th May.

Potfest in the Pens

The PotFest people are holding one of their exhibitions in Melton Mowbray for the first time from Friday 4th November to Sunday 6th November.  I'm fortunate to have been accepted.