"Bits and Pieces"

Stamford Art Gallery

The Gallery is in Maiden Lane , Stamford and offers art from mainly local artists and has an excellent picture framing service.  Beverley, the owner, has a number of my pots on display and for sale.

Connect Independent Art Fair

The fair took place in February 2019 in The Mall Gallery, The Mall, London.  I had four of my pots on the Stamford Fine Arts stand courtesy of Jeff Stone.  Jeff sold two of them - my first sale in a London exhibition.

Anglian Potters

The last Anglian Potters meeting and demonstration featured Craig Underhill.  It's always interesting to hear how potters have developed their career and to see some of the techniques used in their work. Craig was an excellent presenter and very generously shared his knowledge.

Clay Craft Magazine

Pleased that one of my pots was featured in an edition of the Clay Craft magazine.  The pot was subsequently sold at the Connect Independent Art Fair, London


Stamford Pottery Market

The annual Stamford Potters Market will be held this year on 5th and 6th May in the Art Centre.  Around twenty potters from the area will be taking part exhibiting and selling a wide range of work.

ESC Artists exhibition and market

I have been invited to join the ESC (Escape the Ordinary) Artists events for 2019.  I'm taking part in the autumn exhibition which takes place in the Art Gallery, Stamford, from 21st October to 3rd November.

Open Upp Art

A "pop up" art gallery is opening in Uppingham from the 2nd to 23rd March.  Work from over forty artists will be in the gallery including some of my pots.

Open Upp Art

The "pop up" art gallery is open again in Uppingham from Friday 8th April.  The first one was a great success with some very complementary comments from visitors.   I was fortunate to see seven of my pots, three of which went to France.