Taking early retirement from business I decided to sign up for a drawing and painting course, something that I had always wanted to do but like many people never had the time.  Fortunately, I enjoyed it and developed my skills and style.
I was also encouraged to look at other areas of fine art and discovered print making.  This occupied me for a few years.  I bought a small press for use in what was then my new small studio in our garden and joined the Leicester Print Workshop - a fabulous place with great people.
Having always liked the thought of doing pottery I decided to have a go.  I was hooked.  Making hand-made things for everyday use appealed to me.  But more than that, the opportunity for a wide variety of forms, surface textures and glazes gives the opportunity to take an "artistic" approach and widens creative opportunities.  The clay can be treated just like any other surface on which to express yourself.
After setting up my own studio at home I rented a pottery at Unique Cottage Studios, Spalding, a truly unique arts centre. I held weekly classes there, teaching around sixty adults per week.  I stopped teaching the weekly classes in April 2017 to develop my own work.  Fiona Swepson now runs the studio and it goes from strength to strength.

I feel very fortunate to be where I am right now.  For most of my career I was member of the "rat race" and now I am almost as far away from that as you can get - and that's the way I like it!