In my view there are three main variables to consider when making pots - form/shape, surface treatment and colour/glaze. Of these I concentrate on form and surface treatment.  

The form or shape of many of my pots are based on bottles or jars. Why? I like making them!
As far as surface treatment is concerned, most of my pots have a  textured surface.  There is always something new to see on the surface of a textured pot and, of course, textured pots are more tactile.  I make a few smooth pots from time to time just to prove that I can do it and to satisfy those that prefer my shiny pots - some people do!

When it comes to colour I use a limited palette. Lots of texture and colour on a pot can make it too "busy" and I have found that you need to make a choice between texture or colour combinations.  I also do not consider myself to be a great colourist!

Most of my pots have been thrown on the wheel with some having been altered.  Many of them are textured with slips and oxides/glazes being applied over a number of firings. 

The random processes used in making my pots means that each pot is unique. In fact I would find it difficult to make two identical pots! However, they share a number of common elements that hopefully binds them together as a body of work.

Textured vase

Textured vase

Dripping paint

Rock pool platter

White Bottle with porcelain slip

Bottle with green "oribe" glaze

Chalk cliffs

White Bottle with pink "blush"

Large textured oval pot

Large Moon Jar

Textured jar

Textured vase

Large "Moon Jar"

Large jar

Large Moon Jar

New white bottle