Bottles and jars

Why bottles and jars?  Well, I just like making them! Originally of course they had a functional purpose but mine are not although they reference the functional forms.  The blend of the functional and non-functional appeals to me and it gives infinite opportunities to create different forms. 

"Moon Jars" are Korean in origin and are used to store preserved food.  Traditionally they are large white smooth pots, made in two halves and then joined together.  I like to vary the sizes, surfaces and glazes to give a range of moon jars which, like my bottles and jars have lost their functional purpose

Moon jar with lid

Front Cover of Anglian Potters newsletter

Bottle with green "oribe" glaze

White Bottle with pink "blush"

Large jar with turned wood lid

Bottle with green "oribe" glaze

Large Moon Jar

Small turquoise moon jar

Small moon jar with lid

Textured jar

Jar with lid

Moon Jar

Large "Moon Jar"