Coastal Pots

This work is inspired by the sea and coastline.  Waves, beaches, rocks, weathered boats and buildings and sunken artefacts are examples of the references that are used as a starting point for my work.  

The pots develop throughout the making process and may have only a passing similarity to the original reference.

Most of the pots have been thrown on the wheel with some having been altered.  Many of them are textured with slips, oxides and glazes being applied over a number of firings. The glazes used are made to my own recipes with my turquoise glaze being a favourite of the people who collect my pots.

The chances are that every time you look at one of my textured pots you'll discover something new.   The textured surfaces are made in a random manner, to no set pattern and are aimed to hold interest.  As with many of my pots the making processes used and the random nature of the surfaces means that each pot is different.

Dripping paint

Rock pool platter

Coastal rocks

White Bottle with porcelain slip

Chalk cliffs

Large textured oval pot

Textured jar

Peeling paint

Textured small pot

Textured vase

Large jar


From the deep bowls