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Recent work

My recent work is based on an amalgam of previous themes with aspects of the sea, coast, weathered rocks and distressed wood and metal being used as starting points for the pots.

Simple forms with a muted, limited palette and random surface textures are at the heart of this work which bind the pots together as a body of work.

Nearly all of the pots have been thrown on the wheel with some having been altered.  The nature of the process means that each pot is unique.  In fact I would find it difficult to make any two the same.


Set of three pots

Textured bottle

Large Vase


Large "Moon Jar"

Large pot

New white bottle


Bottle with volcanic glaze

Rock pot

Small bottles and jar

Bottle with black glaze

Small dish

Bottle with white glaze

Bottle with turquoise textured glaze

Large white bottle

Turquoise bottle

White Moon Jar with blue glaze

Partially glazed white vase

White and turquoise bottle


Small oval dish

Small bottle

Bowl with volcanic glaze

Turquoise Moon Jar

Large Moon Jar

Bottles and jar

Bottle with porcelain slip

White Bottle

From the deep bowl

My favourite